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Press Play and Pay Attention…

By now you should already know that we’ll be talking about using life insurance products to secure your assets against crashes, grow them at a rate 2x-3x the rate of inflation, protecting you against taxes, and any kind of legal dispute.

As audacious as that statement sounds, if you’ll bear with me to the end of this video, I’ll explain exactly how all of that works and why it’ll be in your best interest to use this strategy. 

But first… let’s take a step back for a minute and see if there’s anything we can learn from history.


 Do You Remember Where You Were On New Years Eve Y2K?


I sure do.

I was still a young punk and was giving my mom crap about having to wear a button up and a jacket. 

I never even considered that the 3 years that followed would be some of the most catastrophic for the American people and the American economy… 

  • The post Y2K market Crash happened almost immediately after the ball dropped. 
  • Then the planes crashed into the World Trade Center. 
  • Then we went to war with Iraq.
  • And the stock market looked like Rocky Balboa at the end of a fight. 

I wasn’t in the finance game yet, but I remember how stressed my mom and all of our family were during those years. 

It was the first time I really understood what financial stress does to a family. 

Then we experienced a few good years with real estate aaaand… 



The Mortgage Bubble Burst 

Bank after bank after bank filed for bankruptcy. 

People’s retirement accounts were cut at the waste… 

You’d hear would-be-retirees complaining to each other about how much money they lost in their portfolios. And how they would have to go back to work for another 10 years because they couldn’t afford to retire anymore. 

It was scary, to say the least. 

I don’t want to remind you of the gory details of the pandemic (the wound hasn’t fully healed yet), but I’m sure you can remember what the market went through 03/2020 and the financial implosion that ensued for the U.S. 


The Big “What If”


Now, I really don’t want to pour salt on the wound… I really don’t… 

But imagine what your life would have been like if your account was fully protected against all that? 

Not because you had a good asset manager, but because the account itself was contractually guaranteed to never experience a loss. 

That’s how the Index Strategy works.
(To get the full breakdown, watch the video at the top of this page.)

Now this Index can be applied to 2 different plan strategies, and both of them are offered through Life Insurance companies. 

The Indexed Annuity


The Indexed Annuity is used to protect cash assets that are typically invested in Mutual Funds, 401K’s, IRA’s, and any other variable account. 

Indexed Annuities have 2 phases: 

1 – Accumulation : In this phase your funds grow based on the Index strategy until you’re ready to use them.
2 – Distribution : In this phase you can either withdraw from the funds or activate your Lifetime Income Rider which pays you a monthly income for the rest of your life. (Even if they accumulated payouts are greater than your overall balance, the annuity will continue to pay you for the rest of your life. 

Indexed Annuities offer: 

– Tax deferred growth
– Protection against estate taxes, and probate.
– No-Fee Qualified rollovers from Mutual Funds, 401K’s, IRA’s and any other retirement plan.
– If you pay for your contributions (premiums) from your business account, it will be considered as a business expense and is a full write off on your year end taxes. The business contributions are limited up to $58,000 per year. 


The Indexed Universal Life

The Indexed Universal Life
 offers the same benefits that the Indexed Annuity offers, with a few additions. 

– You get a life insurance benefit that you can pass down to your heirs in addition to the tax free cash value.
– You get living benefits that you can use in case of terminal illness, disability, critical illness or critical injury.
– You get protection against lawsuits and divorce settlements.
– If you pay for your contributions (premiums) from your business account, it will be considered as a business expense and is a full write off on your year end taxes. The contributions are limited by the insurance benefit and in many cases, you can put hundreds of thousands – if not millions of dollars into it. 

These plans are offered through some of the largest and most prominent life insurance companies in America and we’re pleased to be contracted with them. 



How All of This Applies to You

You may be… 

  • Currently employed or own a business and are looking for a way to secure your assets for retirement. 
  • Currently retired and want to make sure you don’t outlive your money. 
  • Have a close friend or relative who fits those descriptions and you want to make sure they’re secured and taken care of. 

Whoever you are, and whatever your goals are, we’re here to help. 

We’re not “Captive” or committed to any one carrier. We make them all compete with each other to give you the best plans possible. 

Our focus is to help you reach your goals. That’s our only agenda. You’re in the driver’s seat. 

We don’t charge broker fees or asset management fees. We get paid from the carriers and you keep every penny that you started with. 

We don’t have minimum balance requirements. Whatever your budget, we can design one of these plans for you. 

And finally… there’s no cost to talk with one of our friendly consultants. They’ll explain anything that you want them to, answer any questions you may have, and guide you towards the decision that you feel is best for you. 

Your financial success is our #1 priority. 

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